Awareness of POSH practices can be complicated at times. Given the drastic shift to a web paintings environment, many might also additionally discover greedy positive POSH terminology and practices difficult. Training and cognizance packages that facilitate this switch of information are critical manner to lessen confusion and hassle surrounding processes. In this article, we talk about approximately POSH conciliation. POSH conciliation is while the 2 events concerned in a case of sexual misconduct withinside the workplace, voluntarily conform to an agreement. 

  • What is Conciliation beneath neath the POSH Act?

Section 10 of the Sexual Harassment of Women (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal) Act, 2013 (POSH Act) talks approximately the method of conciliation. This refers back to the opportunity of an agreement between the complainant and the respondent. The inner committee (IC) can provoke a conciliation completely at the request of the complainant. The respondent in this case can't request for conciliation to be initiated. The method of conciliation may be asked earlier than the research starts. A conciliation beneath neath the POSH Act is finished simplest if the phrases of the agreement are together agreed upon with the aid of using each the complainant and the respondent. 

It is pertinent to word that the complainant can't request financial profits as a part of the agreement beneath neath the POSH Act. The agreement can encompass phrases like a public apology in writing, social carrier hours for the respondent or the respondent going to counselling, etc. If the conciliation is accomplished effectively and mutual phrases of the agreement are reached upon with the aid of using the events, the Internal Committee (IC) can then near the criticism and could now no longer continue in addition with full-fledged research. 

  • Role of the IC in Carrying out POSH Conciliation

Once the request for conciliation has been made with the aid of using the complainant, the IC enables the method of mediation to reach an agreement. The simplest position of the IC is to be gifted as an impartial 1/3 party. The IC has to know no longer have an impact on both of the events to go into the conciliation. They have to make certain that the complete method is observed in a civilized way and that decorum is maintained withinside the conferences. The IC has to additionally make certain that not one of the events is pressuring the alternative to conform to any phrases of agreement that they do now no longer want to. They have to additionally file all of the steps which are taken and file unique mins of the conferences that take place. It is critical for individuals of the IC to undergo education periods to absolutely apprehend their position in relation to conciliation. 

Once the conciliation has been agreed upon with the aid of using each event the IC has to file the phrases of agreement and make certain that the events have been examined and agreed to them. The IC has to additionally make certain that the documented phrases of conciliation are signed and provided to each complainant in addition to the respondent. Based on the phrases of the agreement, the IC will deliver a file with the phrases of the agreement and guidelines to employers. These guidelines are binding at the employers and they have to observe via with them. A reproduction of the phrases has to take delivery to each event. Research can't be asked once more with the aid of using the complainant as soon as guidelines had been made on the premise of a conciliation method. 

  • Conclusion

In case the conciliation fails, wherein, a mutual agreement can't be agreed upon with the aid of using the events, the IC has to file the same. They have to file that conciliation became initiated and that each the events had been not able to attain mutual phrases of the agreement, together with unique mins of the conferences. Post the failure of the conciliation, the IC has to additionally file that they may now behaviour research into the matter. 

It is critical to make certain that the phrases of the agreement aren't being entered into beneath neath any coercion or duress. This purpose is likewise contemplated in Section 10 of the Act. The cause why the respondent can't request conciliation beneath neath Section 10 is to keep away from the threat of strain at the complainant to go into right into an agreement without their consent. This makes the position of the IC essential because the IC has to make certain that no disagreement takes component withinside the conferences. Therefore, a well-skilled IC which is aware of the nuances of the conciliation method is essential to perform the method effectively.


Written by Parul Sharma


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