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Best growth strategies for small businesses

 Best growth strategies for small businesses Whatever the reason, starting a business is one of your greatest achievements in life, whether you did it because you always wanted to or because you saw an opportunity to tackle a particular problem. But no matter how thoroughly thought out or well-planned your company plan is, maintaining it and being able to compete and outgrow your opponent is a much harder issue. With ever-evolving technology, the corporate world has entirely altered and is still developing today. Because everything is now so readily available thanks to the internet, consumers are becoming more sophisticated and have higher expectations. One may argue that the cost of obtaining a consumer has decreased as a result of the internet. Unfortunately, I can't say that I concur. You may refer to me as a critic or a pessimist for the same. However, aren't consumer demands and competitiveness growing daily? To gain clients today, it is not enough to just develop an excel

benefits of limited liability partnership

  1. Flexibility: A Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) allows partners to plan their tax and other financial liabilities without compromising their distinctive roles or personal accountability. This structure can be used to reduce the legal and administrative costs of complying with regulations. 2. Limited Liability: Each partner's interests are limited to their investment in the LLC, meaning that creditors cannot reach them personally and any company debts will remain the responsibility of the LLC. 3. Separate Legal Entity: An LLP is a separate legal entity, so all partners are not responsible for the actions, debts, and liabilities of other partners. 4. Increased Credibility: An LLP shows investors that the business has been structured in a professional manner and is equipped to handle the demands of running a successful enterprise. 5. Tax Benefits: Some LLPs are eligible for special taxation that can reduce their overall tax burden.

What is anticipatory bail ?

  What is anticipatory bail ?   Anticipatory bail is a legal provision in India that allows a person who has reason to believe that they may be arrested in the future for a non-bailable offense, to apply for bail in advance before their arrest. The purpose of anticipatory bail is to prevent the arrest of a person, and to allow them to apply for regular bail after arrest. The provision for anticipatory bail is provided under Section 438 of the Code of Criminal Procedure (CrPC). Anticipatory bail can be granted by a High Court or a Sessions Court. Once granted, the anticipatory bail remains in force until the person is arrested, or until the bail is cancelled by the court. An application for anticipatory bail can be made by the person who is likely to be arrested, or by any person on their behalf, to the High Court or the Sessions Court within whose jurisdiction the offence has been committed. The application must be accompanied by an affidavit, stating the grounds on which the bail is s

What is an interim bail ?

  What is an interim bail ? Interim bail in India is a type of bail that is granted temporarily, usually for a short period of time. It is granted by a court while the final decision on regular bail is pending. Interim bail is typically granted when an accused person is unable to secure regular bail, or when the court needs more time to consider the merits of the case before making a final decision on bail. The conditions of interim bail are similar to those of regular bail, and the accused person is required to comply with them while the bail is in effect. How to get an interim bail ? To get interim bail in India, an accused person or their legal representative must file a bail application in the appropriate court. The bail application must include the grounds on which bail is sought and any relevant supporting documents. When the bail application is filed, the court will typically hear the arguments of both the prosecution and the defense and make a decision on whether to grant bail.

How to compute court fee to be paid on plaint ?

  How to compute court fee to be paid on plaint ? The court fee to be paid on a plaint (a document that initiates a legal proceeding) varies depending on the jurisdiction and the specific case. In general, the court fee is calculated based on the amount of the claim or the value of the property in dispute. In India, the court fee is calculated based on the Indian Court Fees Act of 1870. It is usually a percentage of the value of the claim or the property in dispute. It is advisable to consult with a lawyer or check with the specific court where the case will be filed to determine the exact court fee that needs to be paid. An example of court fee calculation in India would be as follows: Let's say an individual is filing a suit for recovery of money and the amount claimed is INR 50,000. As per the Indian Court Fees Act, the court fee to be paid would be 2% of the claim amount, which in this case would be INR 1000. Another example would be a suit for recovery of possession of immovab

Free ISO Certificate Online in India Possible or Not

  Free ISO Certificate Online in India Possible or Not Today in this article we are discuss about ISO Certification Registration Online Free in india. So before talking about ISO Certification as Free you need to know the Real Cost to create a ISO Certification Registration in India. Cost or Fees on the ISO Certification in India – Non IAF ISO Certification Cost –  Its Cost approx 1500/- to 4000/- in the market for the ISO 9001 Certification where Non IAF Agencies issued the ISO Certification after checking Quality of the Business through Audit. IAF ISO Certification Cost – IAF ISO Certification Cost is really expensive as it requires the proper Audit of the firm, after that they can issue IAF ISO Certification. Its Cost approx 3000/- to 8000/- for IAF ISO Certification. ISO Certification is Free Possible or Not ? So as we seen above the Actual Cost on the ISO Certification which arise as all Non IAF or IAF Agencies have to bear the expense in the Audit of the firm and they have market

How to Show Future and Options (F&O) Loss in ITR

  How to Show Future and Options (F&O) Loss in ITR Today in this article we are discussing How to Show Future and Option (F&O) Loss in ITR. So Before Showing the Losses in the ITR we have to know about which type of the ITR is required to Show the F&O Losses. Type of the ITR Form Required to Show F&O Loss – ITR – 1 Form In this ITR-1 its not possible to Showing the Losses as ITR-1 is only required when you have Salary Income with the House Property & Other Source Income. Apart from these source of income there is no column for the F&O Losses. ITR – 2 Form In this ITR-2 Form there is capital gain schedule but Future and Options Losses are treat as Business Losses so ITR-2 Form is also not enough for showing the Future and Option Losses. ITR -3  Form In this ITR-3 is the perfect to show your all F&O and Intraday Losses for the trading. ITR-3 have a separate column for Business Income & Losses where you can show books of Accounts of your Trading Account or

Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in ITR AIS Portal Taxability

  Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in ITR AIS Portal Taxability Today we are discussing about Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in ITR AIS Portal Taxability and where to show in the Income tax return of sale of securities and units of mutual funds. After dec 2021 Govt department launch the AIS Portal so from AY 2022-23 All ITR will be filed as per the AIS and TIS Statement Only. Now Many Taxpayer are shocked to see the entries of Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in AIS and TIS Income Tax Statement because previously its not track by the department but now All Demat Account and Mutual Fund Registrar CAMS & KFintech transactions are tracked by income tax department every year. How to Show Sale of Securities and units of Mutual Fund in Income Tax Return First of all you need to Identity the kind of the entries. If is related to CDSL OR NSDL then its mean you sale some stocks and earn the capital gain on the same. In that case you need to download your t

Refund Awaited in ITR and ITR Processed with Refund Due Meaning

  Refund Awaited in ITR and ITR Processed with Refund Due Meaning Hey Guys Today in this Article we are talking about What is the Meaning of the Refund Awaited or ITR Processed with Refund Due. Actually After submission of the ITR, on Income Tax Portal there is Message Showing as Refund Awaited on Home Screen And ITR Processed with Refund Due in Filed Return Screen. What is Meaning of Refund Awaited ? Once you Submit your Income Tax Return, after that CPC Bangalore Process the ITR and Issue a Intimation Letter where your Refund has been Decided. So after that on the Home Screen there is Pop Up Showing as Refund Awaited which means Income Tax Department already determined your Refund which will be issued soon into your Linked bank account. What is Meaning of ITR Processed with Refund Due? If the status reads “processed with refund due,” that signifies that your tax return has been filed and that you should get your refund 20 to 45 days from the ITR processing date. If your refund reques

ITR Computation Format in Excel 2022-23 | Download ITR Computation

  ITR Computation Format in Excel 2022-23 | Download ITR Computation Today in this Guide we are talking about ITR Computation Format Download in Excel 2022-23. Basically when you want to apply for Credit Cards or Bank loan you need always income tax return so normally people think that only Official Income tax return acknowledgement are enough but you need to provide ITR Computation Format with the acknowledgement on the same. So Let’s First understand all about ITR Computation then just Checkout ITR Computation Format in Excel on the same. WHAT IS ITR COMPUTATION? ITR Computation is simplified Document which explain your source of income and tax liability which already has been paid through Official Income Tax Return Acknowledgement. Normally Official Income Tax Return Form-1,2,3,4 are 8-15 Pages so Bank official not use that documents to check Income. They need ITR Computation which simplified everything from Source of Income to basic details in just 1-2 pages. Why ITR Computation is

Income Tax Return for VISA Application | ITR for Canada Schengen US

  Income Tax Return for VISA Application | ITR for Canada Schengen US Today in this guide we are learning about Income Tax Return for VISA Application for any Country like Canada Schengen US Australia etc. Even if you applying for Student Visa in Canada Schengen US for Study Purpose and required the ITR for VISA Application then Our Article guide helps you on the same. What is Income Tax Return [ITR] for VISA Application ? Whenever you apply for the VISA Application as Student VISA or Tourist VISA or Business VISA etc. then you need to submit income tax return to VISA Office in respective Embassy. Income tax return simplified legal documents which justify your all income source and verify the same by government records. What are the Required Documents for VISA Application as Income Proof ? Income Can be verify by following documents by any VISA Office or Embassy – Income Proof just like ITR-1 or ITR-4 or ITR-3 or ITR-2 Acknowledgement and Computation Funds or Property Assets Valuation

How to Open a Company in USA From India | Register Company in USA

  How to Open a Company in USA From India | Register Company in USA Today in this Article we are talking about How to Open a Company in USA From India Online. Many investors and business firms which are from India are keen to set up a Company in US to expand the horizon of their products and services. Setting up of a company in US offers various advantages such as enhanced credibility in international market, attraction of angel investors, taxation benefits on taxation etc compare to India. Even now Opening a Business in USA From India now very easy procedure due to technology. Can an Indian Register a Company in USA ? Well, the answer is Yes. You can start your own company in the U.S even if you are a non-resident.You do not need a US mailing address, don’t have to be a US resident or visa holder to register a company in the US from India. How to Open a Company in USA From India ? If your intent is  how to open a company in usa from india , you can get it done through the following 3

Private Limited Company Registration

Private Limited Company Registration All you need to know A Private Limited Company offers limited liability and legal protection to its shareholders. A Private Limited Company in India lies somewhere between a partnership firm and a widely owned public company. It can be registered with a minimum of two people. A person can be both a director and shareholder in a Private Limited Company.   The liability of the members of a Private Limited Company (PLC) is limited to the number of shares held by them. A Private Limited Company in India can begin with operations after getting the Certificate of Incorporation. A PLC can be incorporated within 15 working days. 

Legal Status of Gambling in India

  Legal Status of Gambling in India By Shweta Nair For entertainment, one of the most popular and favourite option among people is gambling. It is considered by many as a pleasurable pastime yet it also carries with it a negative outlook as it’s a game wherein money is put at risk. Recently, due to the pandemic situation, there has been a profound increase in online gambling activities owing to the comfort of playing while sitting at home and earning money easily through the use of mobile phones and internet. Nevertheless, it also led to upsurge in money laundering and black money too.  In India, the law which regulates gambling is ‘The Public Gambling Act of 1867’ which was enacted during the British times and is still in force. It is a Central Legislation that covers certain states of India wherein all games of chance have been prohibited entirely except lottery and game of skills excluding the states of Goa and Sikkim. Infringing provisions of this act would attract punishment of ja

Legal Admissibility of Deception Detector Tests in India

 Legal Admissibility of Deception Detector Tests in India By Shweta Nair Crimes in the society are ever-increasing. Whenever we open and read newspaper, we find that there are new types of crimes being committed every day. In short, criminals as well as crimes both are advancing according to the changing times with better techniques in-hand. Along with it, following third degree methods like imposing torture and mental or physical pain in order to retrieve information by the police won’t work presently in dealing with extra smart scientific and technologically proficient criminals. Even the police interrogation and investigation methods must advance along with criminals and crime in order to tackle it rightly. For that, newer techniques with the help of forensic science like the polygraphy test, brain mapping and narco analysis have been developed and adopted. It assists the police and investigating officers greatly in exposing the lies and in interrogating a criminal. Polygraphy test

3 Farm Laws

  3 FARM LAWS A huge protest was started especially in the states of Punjab & Haryana against the Farm Laws. The government stated that, these laws will provide more opportunities for the farmers to sell their product anywhere in the country (even outside Agricultural Produce Market Committee) and to anyone they want (even with MNCs). There is no need for any payment of any tax outside the APMCs. These laws were enacted after 2 decades of consultation and research on the farm laws. But the arguments of the farmers are that, no consultation was made by the government regarding the farm laws; these farm laws will not be beneficial to the farmers in anyway, as they can lead to the end of APMCs, farmers’ subsidies and the concept of Minimum Support Price. This will lead to the exploitation of the farmers in long run. Though there are problems in APMCs such as, the place at which they are established, there may be 1 APM for 5 to 10 districts. In such situation, small farmers, sell their