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 S.N. Name AOR Code Mobile No. Email Id Address 1 M/s R And R Law Associates 2851 9953047287 2C, BHAGWAN DAS ROAD NEW DELHI 110001 NEW DELHI 2 Mr. R. Ayyam Perumal 893 9810537507 311 CK Daphtary Chamber Block Opp Supreme Court Tilak Lane New Delhi-110001 NEW DELHI 3 Mr. R. B. Tahilramani 533 0 4 Mr. R. C. Kaushik 561 9868316229 5 Mr. R. C. Kohli 571 9810208807 69 LAWYERS CHAMBER, G.L. SANSHI BLOCK, SUPREME COURT OF INDIA NEW DELHI 6 Mr. R. Chandrachud 1641 9899374055 231, New Lawyers Chamber, M.C.Setalvad Block, Supreme Court of India, New Delhi 110001 Ph: 011-23070043 delhi 7 Mr. R. Chandrasekar 559 0 8 Mr. R. D. Chandrachud 1550 0 9 Mr. R. Gopalakrishnan 1573 9811502787 104, LAWYERS CHAMBERS OLD SPREME COURT OF INDIA NEW DELHI 10 Mr. R. K. B


 S.N. Name AOR Code Mobile No. Email Id Address 1 Ms. Qurratulain 2996 8130850642 Flat No 84, NDSE, Sriniketan Apartments, Vasundhra Enclave, New Delhi- 96 New Delhi   LEXCLIQ IS AN INITIATIVE OF LEXIS AND COMPANY, by Dr Anupam Kumar Mishra (Founder) DISCLAIMER: THIS VIDEO IS JUST FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSE AND DOES NOT INTEND TO ADVERTISE OR PROMOTE ANY TYPE OF LEGAL OR PROFESSIONAL SERVICES. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US AT OUR 24 HOURS NATIONAL HELPLINE NUMBER +91-9051112233 FOR ANY TYPES OF FREE LEGAL ADVICE. CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO SUPPORT US OR TO BOOK A FACE TO FACE OR VIDEO CONSULTATION. We are India’s Leading Law Firm “The firm has always strived to create and implement innovative and effective methods of providing cost-effective, quality representation and services for our clients and will continue to meet and exceed the expectations of our valued clients.” – DR ANUPAM KUMAR MISHRA (ADVOCATE, FOUNDER-LEXIS AND COMPANY)


 S.N. Name AOR Code Mobile No. Email Id Address 1 Mr. P. A. Noor Muhamed 1850 9015252744 200A/32, Lane No. 3A, Gaffar Manzil, Jamia Nagar, New Delhi - 110 025. Delhi 2 Mr. P. Anshu Mishra 517 0 3 Mr. P. B. Suresh 1233 9811235656 39, LAWYERS CHAMBERS SUPREME COURT NEW DELHI - 1 DELHI 4 Mr. P. C. Chandi 476 0 5 Mr. P. C. Khungar 923 0 6 Mr. P. D. Sharma 494 9871600918 29 Lawyers Chamber Supreme Court New DELHI NEW DELHI 7 Mr. P. Divakara Menon 467 0 8 Mr. P. G. Gokhle 458 0 9 Mr. P. George 470 0 10 Mr. P. George Giri 1849 9871316995 65A, FIRST FLOOR, ASHRAM, NEW DELHI-110014 NEW DELHI 11 Mr. P. I. Jose 1206 9811556966 120 (old) Lawyer Chamber Supreme Court New Delhi DELHI 12 Mr. P. K. Chakravarty 465 0 13 Mr. P. K. Ghosh 459 0 14 Mr. P