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Sexual harassment on male victims

 Sexual harassment on male victims

Introduction –

The emphasis of sexual harassment research on men harassing women has recently been questioned. Men's sexual assault cases, on the other hand, have largely been dismissed because of power imbalances between the sexes. Our findings suggest that behaviours perceived as harassing by men derive from organizational gender negotiations that challenge male dominance, while behaviours perceived as sexually harassing by women perpetuate female subordination. The following were the results, which were consistent with our predictions: Men are far less threatened than women by actions that women find harassing; men consider sexual coercion to be the most threatening type of harassment; men, too, find sexual coercion to be the most threatening form of harassment; men, too, find sexual coercion to be the most threatening form of harassment.

Men classify behaviours that women have not identified as harassing, and women identify behaviours that men have not identified as harassing. Men reacted negatively to organisational interventions addressing sexual harassment and discrimination against women, according to the findings. The implications for men's sexual assault psychological and legal concepts are explored.

Sexual harassment can be described as a form of harassment that includes the use of explicit or implied sexual overtones, as well as the unwanted and improper offer of rewards in return for sexual favours. Harassment can take several forms, ranging from minor infractions to regulatory violations or abuse. Harassment can occur in several different social environments including the job, the home, school, churches, etc. Harassers or victims may even be of either gender.

Concept of sexual harassment – 

Sexual harassment includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favours, and different verbal or physical harassment of a sexual nature within the work or learning setting, per the Equal Employment chance Commission (EEOC). molestation doesn't forever get to be specifically regarding sexual behaviour or directed at a selected person. as an example, negative comments regarding girls as a gaggle could also be a kind of molestation.

Although molestation laws don't sometimes cowl teasing or offhand comments, these behaviours also can be disconcerting and have a negative emotional impact.

Types of Sexual harassment 

Sexual harassment is basically characterized into 4 different categories. These are as follows –

  1. Verbal/written: Verbal return sexual harassment deals with the harassment given henry mark. when somebody remarks on apostles clothing order body in a sexual nature then it is said to be a verbal or written sexual harassment.

Sexually explicit statements all questions, any jokes, or anecdotes which can be derogatory considered as verbal or written sexual harassment.

  1. Physical: Physical sexual harassment deals with him pending or blocking of any person physical moment. Any inappropriate and unwanted touching of a person to its clothing or his body comes under physical sexual harassment.

Other inappropriate touching including kissing hugging all robin is a physical touch which is unwanted. Playing any music with offensive order robbery language with the purpose to annoy what to sexually humiliate the other person unless physical sexual harassment.

  1. Non- Verbal: Nonverbal sexual harassment comes under the category 1 person looks to other person’s body open down and making delegate re gestures or expressions or special expressions which can be delayed re and office sexual nature.

Frequently following understanding to close to personal purpose of wrestling or staying in sexually suggested offensive manners can comes under this category.

  1. Visual: Visual sexual harassment is displaying sexually suggested objects pictures or posters on computers screams showing other people sexually suggesting text messages or email ken wait type of veg visual harassment sharing sexually inappropriate images of video sex pornography with coworkers.

Male harassment in India

According to the results of a recent Economic Times-Synoate poll, the boys should be included in the bill as soon as possible. Nineteen of the 527 people polled in seven cities – Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, urban core, and Pune – said they had been subjected to workplace abuse. In Bangalore, 51 percent of those polled said they'd been sexually harassed, while in Old Delhi and Hyderabad, 31 percent and 28 percent of those polled said they'd been sexually harassed, respectively. In today's workplaces, "men are as vulnerable to abuse as females," according to 38% of respondents from seven Indian cities.

“Mard ko kabhi dard nahi hota”

A person's Indian upbringing has developed a stereotype that he can never feel pain, and if he does, he isn't a person. In a patriarchal society, a similar assumption has diode to individuals basic cognitive process that a person cannot be raped or sexually abused because men are privileged to be men.

Men are often or invariably thought to be the perpetrators of statutory offences rather than the victims, while women are thought to be exclusively victims and never the perpetrators. This theory has existed since the dawn of time because, in the vast majority of cases where light-weight is obtained.

Rape or statutory offense of men and boys are unbroken a “Dark Secret” for therefore long that currently the society is either oblivious to the present or fully turns a blind eye towards such incidents if they ever set out of the shadow. The social pressure, concern of being disbelieved and social backlash stop the male victims of statutory offense from gap up to anyone concerning these troublesome and painful incidents, encouraging the perpetrators to travel on looking their prey.

Legal view on Cases of male sexual harassment

A few years past, the #MeToo movement took the planet by storm. The movement was instrumental in breaking the time previous taboo of victimhood and motivating ladies round the world to boost voice against unwanted sexual advances. The shared stories of subjugation visaged by ladies, round the world, in an exceedingly patricentric, male dominated society fashioned the premise of this movement. It provided a platform for victims to talk out overtly concerning their ordeals, that successively helped in increasing awareness concerning harassment, significantly at geographic point.

While the movement succeeded in delivery a few world commonness and in light the difficulty of unwanted sexual advances visaged by ladies everyplace, the thought of #MeToo isn't one thing which will be restricted to ladies alone.

Patriarchy and cultural stereotypes have an effect on men too. There are increasing instances wherever men are being targeted at work place by their feminine superiors/colleagues in an exceedingly means that may simply qualify as harassment, as per the definitions of law arranged right down to shield ladies, however sadly, such instances ne'er see the sunshine of the day because of deeply implanted cultural assumptions concerning men

The society doesn't allow/ encourage male 'victims' to share stories of harassment as a result of it goes against the cultural plan of masculinity or the 'macho image' that society expects them to hold. This any perpetuates century's previous cultural stereotype that portray at men as sexual harassers and girls as sexual victims. the very fact that talking overtly concerning such incidents even have the potential of turning a male victim into a butt of joke among his colleagues, is another deterrent in exposing such incidents. the reality is India's harassment laws hardly offer any protection for men. the prevailing laws, published on the principles of equality and justice, do very little to guard the male gender from harassment at geographic point by feminine colleagues.


Men are supposed to be strong and powerful, but that doesn't mean they don't face the same struggles that women do in their everyday lives. While we always emphasise the rights of women, we must not overlook the rights of men. The aim is to motivate women, not to overlook the other gender in order to uplift the other. Individuals' fundamental rights under Articles 14 and 15 of the Constitution of the Republic of India are violated when they are exclusively focused on one gender.

With this form, it's evident that the next proportion of individuals WHO answered the form believe that men and boys also are at risk of sex offense and don't seem to be proof against it, which the offender of sex offense don't seem to be forever solely men, it may be alternative genders too. There also are people that still don't seem to be aware that rape and sex offense of men and boys isn't a story however a reality.

“With regards to the existence of each male and feminine survivors, the US’s Centers for unwellness management in Atlanta has calculable that eighteen.3% of yank ladies and one.4% of yank men have toughened rape at some purpose in their lives. each percentage square measure possible to be underestimated thanks to stigma hooked up to reportage the crime.”


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