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Theories of punishments

 Punishments are been given for preventing from wrong doers from not committing the crime again . There now different types of the punishments that are given depending on type offences. Before going to the theory of punishments there are approaches which we should know they are :

Punitive approach

Preventive approach

There four type of the theories of punishments that will be explained below :

Deterrent theory

It is one of the theory of punishments. In this  aim of the  punishments is that to prevent wrong doers from doing crime . This considered for me as one of simplest punishments The other main importance’s of this theory is to make evil doer as an example but to give warnings to like minded person .

In the ancient time where in England for minor cases like stealing etc. was applied by this theory for the punishments.

Reformative theory

It is one of the theory were they are reforming the people from bad to good . From the word we can understand what does it mean . In this theory the main aim for reform the criminal . Where in the jails they have been given the jobs like doing carpenter works for making furniture , kitchen works so that they will get an income from earning what they did job in jails . It basically reforming the person from bad to good . I think this is one of best theory that I would prefer there may be poor people    who became criminals due to their situation . This will be good reforming for the people .

Retributive theory

This is one of most exciting theory for me .In this theory where the victims are allowed take for the revenge against the wrongdoer . It is like an eye for an eye , a nail for an nail , a tooth for an tooth. This is one of the hardest punishments that can be set for the wrongdoer .

Preventive theory

This one of theory where the main object of this that where criminals are prisoned in the jail for stop the crime in the society . But this in most of the cases does not  really helpful in most of the scenario  if we want to apply in todays society . Moreover there crimes happened in the society where same offenders repeat the crimes again and again . This cannot be applicable to todays generation .

In this  objective of the society to prevent from crimes by stopping by implying deterrence’s , retributive , reformative theory , preventive theory .But here one of most important theory considered is deterrent . Other are considered to be secondary . These punishments have made for the by thinking decreases the crime. More over capital punishments . Different punishments are categorized  in society .


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